Thursday, December 15, 2005

Look at those Ink Marks

Today is my first post as a blogger and as I start this new endeavor, I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate a historical feat. Congratulations are in order to the Iraqi citizens! On this day, people wanted their voices to be heard and their opinions to be felt by the world. On this day, people decided bravery is best manifested by ink stains on fingers. On this day, people claimed their basic right to question, to think, to hope, to dream, and to express the desire for a future. On this day, women experienced their 1920 to the applause of Mott, Stanton, and Anthony. On this day, people became individuals and VOTED!
Furthermore, I think it is also important to congratulate our soldiers who have sacrificed a tremendous amount during these past 2 1/2 years to help make this day possible. Without their dedicated efforts, children would not have seen the thrill on their parent's faces today as they practiced the essence of democracy. As a result, they now dream of the day when they, too, can experience the privilege themselves.
As someone who is a strong proponent of the right to vote in addition to someone who really enjoys the voting process as a whole, I extend my hand to the Iraqi people and say welcome!