Sunday, September 21, 2008

"If a man does his best, what else is there?" ~ George Patton

Darris Dawson, Sr., 24, FL
Renee Deville, 44, NY
Wesley Durbin, 26, TX
Jason Freiwald, 30, MI
Marcus Knight, 24, CA
Nicholas Madrazo, 25, WA
John Marcum, 34, MI
Jesse Melton III, 29, MD
Michael Murdock, 22, NC
Daniel Sexton, 53, MO
Michael Slebodnik, 39, PA
Eichmann Strickland, 23, WA
Vincent Winston, Jr., 22, MO
Darrick Wright, 37, TV


Cindi said...

You are doing a wonderful thing, Aimee. I pray for the families of the soldiers named on your blog as I read the sad, so noble of each one of them, to make that ultimate sacrifice. Thank you again.