Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, BBJ!

Today is my big brother's birthday: 32 years young. We have always gotten along just fine and have always been close, especially in elementary school. He protected my sister and I from the school bus bullies, which made me feel so safe to have him as a brother. Some have brothers who are the bullies, but not me. He left for college the year I started middle school and although he was only an hour away, his absence seemed to be beyond measure. I would sneak into his bedroom after school and cry as I buried my face in his cold pillow. This behavior eventually ceased after a couple of months and didn't present itself again until the night before his college graduation. Instead of a 13 year old crying in the room, a 17 year old stood there. Although he no longer used the bedroom on a regular basis, the room still spoke him. The vacant room still spoke him three years later when he prepared to become a husband. This time, instead of a 17 year old standing in the room, a 21 year old buried her face in his cold tear soaked pillow. Although we have grown into adults, we are still the same kids who rode the school bus together. Be true to yourself, BBJ, and follow your dreams. If they are dusty, wipe them off. If they are forgotten, remember them. If they are lost, find them. If they are non-existent, create them. If they are dormant, give them life. Happy Birthday!