Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Welcome Back

I started this blog with the hopes of writing a daily entry. However, due to some unexpected twists and turns, I fell short of this goal. During the past couple of months, my grandfather has become lost in the dark shadows called Alzheimer's disease. Most of my thoughts and actions have been directed towards/ for him, which has caused me to become lost at sea. Today is the first time in months where I actually feel as though things will be ok. The title of today's entry comes from a comment my grandfather said during one of our visits. He thought he had just returned to the naval shipyard from the Pacific and as we talked, he informed me of the incredible welcome back party they had for them. In a way, I feel as though I myself have just returned from a long trip and am ready to return to life. Many people have often said that this disease takes away one's breath. I agree, but would also add that in order to cope with this disease, one has to take an enormous gulp of air so she is not caught gasping in the final chapter.